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Footloose :) 

Ariel:You wanna kiss me?
Ariel:What's this someday shit?
Ren:You wanna drop down and tumble right here? Okay, but you know the sweat will dry and you'll still feel like shit...and that's for Chuck, not me.

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they’ll haunt us, brother

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The dark knight rises - feelings. 

So I’m probably not the only one with this opinion, but I feel like sharing it. Although the movie was amazing and well, let’s face it, I still love the movie nonetheless. It’s batman. But, my main problem while walking out of theater was the entire idea of the Miranda/Talia character and the twist with Bane at the end.

First feeling - From scene one, you just get this feeling that something is going on with her. Mainly because Marion Cotillard doesn’t take a simple role. Playing Batman’s new love interest just isn’t her style. So that part was somewhat predictable.

Second feeling - You’ve got this epic character Bane. He never changes, his feelings stay the same, his goals are revealed and clear to the world. He’s just epic overall, so making him have this undying love for Talia and this history with her - it just didn’t set well with me. Not with how large he’d been built up.

Third feeling - It was even worse when you’ve got Selina Kyle, a character who is steady and never-changing through the entire movie. She stays true to her character, even after watching batman supposedly ‘die’.

Overall judgement - I respect Marion; she’s a wonderful actress. But if Nolan completely threw away Miranda/Talia, and somehow made Bane the child of Ra’s al Ghul, I know I would have been more satisfied.

Last but not least - Had Miranda/Talia played in any of the previous movies, the role would have worked amazingly. But only getting those few scenes with her made it impossible for the audience to feel as betrayed as batman.